Quality Sound Products

Our H-CAT Quality Sound Products are currently being updated – please stop back

PH-300 Phono Preamp high quality sound products
The PH-300 is a switchable gain Phono Preamp with gains of 40db (for Moving Magnet) and 60 db (for Moving Coil). The cartidge loading is done on the back panel using resistive adapters. (Includes Auto-Focus)
H-CAT DAC highest resolution analog stages
The H-CAT DAC has the highest resolution analog stages on the market.
P12R full remote Preamp
The P12R  is a full remote Preamp. Recently updated with the latest X-10 technology, its unprecedented performance is difficult to surpass at any price.
H-CAT automatic focus
The X-10 Replaced the Wavefront Timing Control with Automatic Focus.
H-CAT Power Amp - quality sound products
The H-CAT Power Amp uses the latest breakthrough in amplifier technology for its quality sound products.

Power Amplifier Specs:

Power Out:   Min 100 W/chan 8 Ohms
Gain:  23db
S/N Ratio >100db
Frequency Response 5Hz to 50 KHz +0 – 3.0db
20 to 20 KHz    +0 – 0.4db
In/Out NFB Loop None
Harmonic Distortion  Near Zero
Dynamic Range >130db
Idle Power 30W/Chan
Circuit Design 100% Pure Analog
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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